Racial Equity Posts

Improving Juvenile Justice in West Virginia

(Charleston, WV) - Every year in West Virginia, around 4,000 juveniles will appear before a judge. Pending the judge’s decision, a juvenile may be given an improvement period to address the behavior, put on probation, referred to a special court, or committed to some form of out-of-home placement. However, the...

Expanding Health Coverage Will Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

  The Affordable Care Act is expected to have a dramatic impact on access to health insurance in West Virginia. This will be especially true for racial and ethnic minorities. Even though the minority population in West Virginia is relatively small compared to other states, it is 50 percent more...

Using Data for Racial Equity in West Virginia

Executive Director Ted Boettner presented at the American Healing Conference on April 24, 2013. Read his presentation on using data in racial equity here.

Ethnic and Racial Disparities in West Virginia

African Americans in West Virginia have a shorter life expectancy than whites, earn less money for doing the same work and are almost twice as likely to live in poverty with their children.

Stemming the Tide: The Racial and Economic Impacts of West Virginia's Prison System

  Despite little growth in either its population or crime rate, West Virginia has seen a marked increase in the number of people housed in its corrections facilities. As the state's prisons become overcrowded, West Virginia is facing a corrections crisis that not only impacts the state's budget but also...

Racial Disparities in West Virginia

African Americans in West Virginia face persistent disparities across a wide range of economic, labor, social, and health measures. What follows is a data analysis comparing various dimensions of well-being among African American families and their white counterparts. Read

Legacy of Inequality: Racial and Economic Disparities in West Virginia

The roots of African Americans have grown as deep into West Virginian society as the seams of coal are in these precious mountains that we all love so well. The contributions that people of color have made to the culture of West Virginia are unarguable, substantial and eternal. Black men...

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