Transparency and Accountability Posts

Accounting for Impact: The Need for a Stronger Fiscal Note Process in West Virginia

  Falling revenues and rising costs have squeezed West Virginia’s budget in the past few years. Any new proposal or program gets extra scrutiny from legislators who must keep the budget balanced. But when legislators or taxpayers need an estimate of how much new legislation will cost or save the...

Every Dollar Counts: The Need for Transparency and Evaluation of Business Tax Incentives

  Every year, West Virginia’s policymakers scrutinize the state’s budget. Every dollar spent must be accounted for, and how much is allocated to education, healthcare, infrastructure and other public services must be carefully considered. And once the fiscal year is over, the budget process begins again, and what programs are...

Money for Nothing: Do Business Subsidies Create Jobs or Leave Workers in Dire Straits?

This report finds companies fail to deliver on  job-creation promises after given publicly funded subsidies. Read

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