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Work Sharing Helps Both Workers and Businesses

Work sharing gives businesses an alternative to lay-offs during times of economic uncertainty. This voluntary program allows them to use unemployment benefits to retain their workers. Already adopted in 24 states and the District of Columbia, work sharing could be particularly helpful to West Virginia's mining and construction industries which...

Reducing Layoffs: How Work Sharing Can Help Workers and Businesses in West Virginia

In times of economic uncertainty, instead of sending trained staff to the unemployment line, companies in 24 states and the District of Columbia can use work sharing. This voluntary program allows employers to use unemployment benefits to retain their workers and avert lay-offs. Work sharing could be particularly helpful to...

Last Chance for Unemployment Modernization

West Virginia has an opportunity to modernize its Unemployment Insurance program without spending any state money but time is running out. State legislators need to act before August 22, 2011 so the state can receive millions in federal funds that would benefit 2,000 West Virginia families. Read

Unemployment Insurance: $22 Million at Stake for West Virginia

Recent improvements in the economy have done little to boost employment. In West Virginia, the jobless rate remains over nine percent. The good news is that $22 million in federal funds are available if the state agrees to modernize its unemployment insurance program to cover groups currently excluded.  Read brief....

Policy Change Would Extend Unemployment Benefits for Jobless West Virginians

More than 6,100 jobless workers in West Virginia will run out of unemployment benefits by the end of 2009. West Virginia could provide additional help to these workers under provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. States with high unemployment rates may provide up to 20 more weeks of...

Raising Taxable Wage Base is Best Way to Keep State Unemployment Fund Solvent

The number of unemployed West Virginians has swelled by more than 10,000 over the past year, and the pace of job loss is accelerating. This poses significant challenges to the solvency of the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. Read

Unemployment Insurance Modernization: $33 Million at Stake for West Virginia Workers

West Virginia’s unemployment insurance program is in urgent need of re‐tooling, especially with the state’s rapidly rising unemployment. Read

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